Technical Trail Features


(1) Machine-carved turns, (2) wooden things, (3) singles, (4) doubles, and (5) gardens of rock.

A far cry from the rain ravaged fire roads of mountain bike ancient history, carefully sculpted well-maintained berms are the norm in Bella Vista. Most offer several lines for max speed or control. Mastering the berm is the heart and soul of any flow experience.

Bella Vista trails have a wide range of wooden features. From formal bike parks to woodland bridges, getting to know how you and your tires handles wooden surfaces is essential for fun and safety. And remember, with just a touch or water or front, even well maintained wood gets slicker than an iceberg in an oil spill.

Photo: Megan Sebeck

Yes, it is time to be a kid again. Bella Vista trail designers did not skimp on about the best thing in life next to going fast: jumping high. If jumps are not your thing yet, start small and build incrementally. You’ll get the hang of them in no time.

Almost every Technical Trail Feature in Bella Vista is designed with several lines at different skill levels. The more advanced lines will offer carefully tailored opportunities to practice your gap jumping skills. Check out the photo. That’s is a real thread-the-needle lily pad hop you can try for yourself in Area 51.

In addition to our tire-munching “chatty trails”, full-on rock gardens highlight the natural beauty of the Arkansas wilderness. While intimidating at first, mastering the art of sailing smoothly across a sea of stone will keep you in the Zone and out of the ER.