Walking on Water

Exploring Our Lakes and Streams

10,000 steps a day.

A destination turns them into an experience. Collecting steps throughout an ordinary day–picking up groceries, cleaning house, one meeting to another–usually falls a little short of the goal. Maybe a lot short?

Tanyard Creek waterfalls can be experienced in one quarter of your daily step allotment.

Dana Johnson © 2020

Lake Windsor empties into Tanyard Creek and flows down through gentle rolling forested Ozark hills pausing to cascade over wide and steep areas of terraced rock in a series of waterfalls. The waterfalls are easily accessible along the trails in Bella Vista. In the summer, the falls and rapids can be a natural ‘wild-ride’ for children and or a place to get away from the humid heat. Winter has it’s own beauty on the trails. The falls are ever-changing. They can become very dramatic after heavy rainfalls. A couple of inches of rain will transform peaceful waterfalls into roaring rapids.

Dana Johnson © 2020

Never underestimate the power of flowing water. There are safe areas from which to view creeks, rapids, and falls. In the summer, people stay cool and have fun playing in the water and a great deal of effort goes into maintaining trails and making the experience accessible. Winter and spring demand some caution. After a rain of even a couple of inches, the creeks behave as creeks do and rage unpredictably. View with respect.

Tanyard Creek trails are rated easy to medium depending on the route. The routes and loops are well-signed. They offer both hard and soft surface walking trails including a suspension bridge over the falls which adds a note of. Bikes are not allowed on this part of the Bella Vista trails system. There is a large parking lot and restroom located at the trailhead.

It’s a beautiful walk. There’s much more to see in life than your two feet plodding through a well-intended New Year’s promise to yourself.