Bella Vista Insiders Travel Guide

Break up with Boring

Holiday family rentals, weekend staycations, group retreats, and romantic getaways.

300+ Airbnbs inside the trail system.

  • Garages for safe storage and repairs
  • Outside hoses for easy clean-up
  • Lake views, decks, barbeques, and more...

Riding tips from local riders, racers, & guides.

  • Speed, power, and braking
  • Balance, weight, and corners
  • Jumps, drops, and manuals

Great food and drink after a long days ride.

  • Casual restaurants and pubs
  • Romantic dining by the lake
  • Local delis and wine cellars

Trails handcrafted by designers.

  • All levels XC/enduro
  • Technical descents and flow
  • Dedicated pump tracks

Favorite Local Stories

The Bella Vista Story: Far from Ordinary

Long before Bella Vista was a vision in anybody’s eye, the families would retreat from the city-summer heat of Bentonville by traveling the wagon-trail north though four miles of farmland to spend a day picnicking by waterfalls. cooling springs, and swimming holes.

Great Blue Heron. Home of the Legend.

Males arrive first and choose a nest with which to woo a mate. Heron’s are are not monogamous for life but are within a breeding season.

Catching the Magic of Water in Motion

Photographer Dana Johnson writes that “the best waterfall pictures are taken in the soft light of dawn or dusk. The harsh mid-day light is not your friend. It will wash out the colors and contrasts that make waterfall photography so beautiful.”

World Class Birding in Bella Vista

Bella Vista is a community sitting in a nearly 50 square mile region of broadleaf forest and meadow at 1,150 ft. on the Springfield Plateau of the Ozark Mountain range. The terrain is sandstone and shale upland forests, lowland valleys, and creeks.

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